1. Mutha

From the recording 2020 EP

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Got my work cut out for me
Got kids and take care of me
Got dreams with a big D
So much more than my chichis

Take it one day at a time
Think too much I lose my mind
Was a size 4 back in time
Now I’m a mommy still got my shine

They wanna get a dog and nag
But I’ll be the one with the bag
On top of that, they always ask for more
Think I got my own store!

Gotta save my dollar bills
Or I won’t have nothing left in my will
These kids wanna shop everyday
Why don’t you go outside and play?

I’m a mutha
I’m a mutha
Like no other
I’m a mutha
I’m a mutha
I’m a mutha
I’m a mutha mutha mutha mutha

You think I wear sweats all day?
That I ain’t got much to say?
I’m a genius I could be your boss
Rockin lulus, don’t ask me what it cost

Can’t afford me 10 jobs in 1
You still workin? This mom already done
At the club with my number one
I’m a mutha, move over hun

Makin soup salad and the main
While I’m sippin on this champagne
House & Home that’s my domain
Tar-jay that’s my middle name

Clean rap that’s my campaign
Mommy rap that’s my claim to fame
Rap today’s just the same old same
Got a plan I’m a clever dame

It’s a fact we 2 billion strong
We do it all dusk to dawn
Every day we number one
Bow down rub my feet cuz I’m a supermom

I ain’t playin, time for some respect
No mommas and this world would be a wreck
To the women workin harder than the prez
I got you we gotta stick together


Yeah it’s hard, to raise the next gen
Little boys turn into our future men
Little girls turn into our women
That’s a task but we doin what we can

Here’s a dream that we raisin proper children
Day to day do our best when we with em
Need the men, we need the big brothas
And mothers, represent each other