1. No More

From the recording 2020 EP

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Wanna get a jump on me
Make me another casualty
Voices tauntin me stuck in my head but I wanna break free
Two roads they callin me 
My choices hauntin me 
My past controllin me bad thoughts they always got a hold on me

That pain won’t let me be
Tryin to live straight with a jacket on me
Lion inside gotta keep my pride gotta show my best hide the rest inside

Lookin for hope in the wrong place every day I wake up I’m in the same place
money and fame won’t solve the pain no without my soul got nothing to gain

I wanna put it down 
I wanna turn around
Don’t wanna hurt no more
What do I do it for?
I wanna put it down 
I wanna turn around
Don’t wanna hurt no more
Don’t wanna hurt no more

Don’t wanna hurt no one
Don’t want hurt no more

I can put it down
I can turn around
All I need is faith
Don’t want to hesitate
Put it down right now
Turn it all around
Cuz I don’t want no more
No I don’t want no more

Wanna heal this and reach higher had a bad past but it’s over 
I got this I’m older wanna heal the chip on my shoulder
Got a choice to make got a road to take so get out my way or be in my wake
World ain’t fair didn't write the rules but now I got the goods I got the tools

Hard to believe I’m the one to blame but now I’m the one who’s gotta be the change
no more control by the thoughts I’m holdin pain inside’s ya keepin me broken...
I gotta put this down
I gotta turn around
I gotta end this war
don’t wanna hurt no more



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