1. I'm Boss

From the recording 2020 EP

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You see how I do this? It ain’t easy, chasing all these littles, building a business, being a woman, being a boss, look, Watch how mommy does it.
[Whoop whoop whoop!]

Yes I’m a mommy but I flow like a tsunami,
Raised in the T-dot but now I’m down in Cali lot of people ask me how I raisin babies I just tell em I just do it, don’t think about it twice I just get through it
Papi doin corporate, bringing home the bacon, I be drivin, washin cleanin cookin like a maven.
Other rappers run the streets me I run the house if you think of talkin back to me you better watch your mouth!

I ain’t afraid to check you, take away your pride, these littles need some boundaries or they take over your life while they young set it straight be the boss tell em no or you end up with them boss babies tryin run the show

All the women in the house, yes it’s time to take the spotlight time to earn respect for the boss mommy wives workin one job, two jobs, three jobs, four. Now everybody stop! It’s time to hit the floor

I’m boss!
[Don’t tell me I can’t do it I’m busting right through it]
I’m boss!
[Don’t tell me I can’t do it ain’t nothin to it]
I’m boss!
[Don’t tell me I can’t do it this a mommy movement]
I’m boss!
[All the women in the house]

Whoop whoop whoop!

It’s a shame! all these screens raisin kids dim their dreams dim their brains every hour every day every week...
click click click click away on the keys, memories used to be made on the streets Now the screens do the raising while parents money-making, real life made me but today it’s complicated
I just push it to the limit cuz I thrive when I kill it, pray for the kids do my best when I with em
Focus on the bizness and building my empire... got a plan workin down to the wire...
Yeah I own it make my mark on the daily, some people told me “good luck!” I never let it phase me...
They just rocked by my “ROAR” I’m a beast it ain’t common when a mama spittin truth on a beat
I surround myself with women, who building from the bottom got a dream and a mission “never stop” is our motto


This goes out the ladies
The ones who workin hard raisin babies
All the times when you felt like goin crazy?
Lord knows it can happen on the daily
Uh, we got to push it.... live our dreams, life is short, follow me,
Time to come and turn it up every day and never stop if you're ever feelin lost ‘member baby ur the boss


Na na na na na x8