About Mommy Rapper

Originally from Toronto, Canada and now residing in Sacramento, California, Mommy Rapper is a clean rapper and pop artist who isn't afraid to speak her truth in her songs. Mommy Rapper believes that people in positions of fame and popularity have a social and moral responsibility to our youth, to be role models that inspire and uplift kids to be the best versions of themselves.

Mommy Rapper grew up in the 80s and 90's listening to rappers from every corner of the US and would often freestyle at the bus stop with her friends. She even performed Run DMC's "Christmas in Hollis" at age 12 for her entire school.

In 2012 after pursuing a career in public relations, Mommy Rapper reconnected with her rap roots and resurrected her childhood passion of writing rhymes. Her disappointment in the lack of clean rap songs in commercial music was the catalyst to her decision to be the change she wanted to see instead of just talking about it.

In 2013 Mommy Rapper decided it was time to raise some capital on Kickstarter to support her vision. She raised $8,000 and launched two singles at the end of 2014. Her first single was titled "Day Away" and is about her dream day off and the second track "Face The Music" discusses the effects of song lyrics on our youth.

After relocating from Vancouver, BC to Sacramento, CA, Mommy Rapper worked with a local producer and launched her first U.S. track called "Beauty Queen." The song is about the redefinition of a beauty queen as one who paves her own lane and feels great about being herself. She subsequently hired another producer and released 4 additional singles titled "This Life" "Favorite Fam" "Doin' My Own Thing" and most recently "TEAM." She is currently focusing on building her YouTube Channel, recording more music in the studio and focusing on youth activism in schools.

Mommy Rapper is growing her brand as a clean rap and pop artist and is investing every spare moment outside of being a stay-at-home mother of 4 young girls into her passion and mission to be a female voice in the rap genre and to inspire our youth.